solutionsGenesis provides the tools needed to improve your decision making processes through the optimum utilisation and improved analysis of your existing data. Our services are flexible and we are geared to  provide solutions that match your requirements and your data’s “maturity level”. While there are variations, our clients generally fall into one of the following three categories. Where do you fit?


Your company already has mature databases and want to focus on your core capabilities rather than be sidetracked by having to optimize and manage your historical data in order to ensure faster, more predictable planning and follow-up of well drilling activities.

This solution produces a reliable forecast of the time and cost of future interventions. It enables you to plan realistic interventions based on historical data. With this solution you can plan a drilling campaign, run risk and cost assessments and match this to actual data coming from the rig allowing for effective follow up activities. This enables you to implement strategies to reduce drilling time and cost through performance improvement. In addition, the detailed follow up allows for feedback to the logistics group to better prepare for day-to-day variances on the plan.

The entire process is also supported by a knitted Lessons Learned facility which pre-empts some problems during the planning phase.


Your company has a database and are comfortable with your planning but require more DIY analytics.

Genesis has a solution that ensures you get more from your database without having to depend on a professional from the IT department.  It can combine different databases, while performing data manipulation and data quality control checks. Once this solution is implemented, you’ll enjoy the benefit of powerful database retrieval with flexible cross-plotting and report generating mechanisms, giving you an integrated tool that empowers you to produce your own analytics reports.

The system can be used on any database. It comes prepared for some known databases and can be easily customized for many others. With this solution you will unleash the potential of your data.


Your company uses Excel for your daily drilling reporting and don’t have a database, but would like to get one so that you can produce basic reports.

Companies who store their DDR (Daily Drilling Report) data in Excel files are missing out on the advantage of having a consolidated database which can be used for drilling data management and analysis of historical data.

This Genesis solution integrates historical data from different sources into a single database. It features an Online Reporting System – giving you the ability to acquire, visualize and analyse all your drilling data. With this tool your database is immediately available on your specific web site for plotting and data interrogation. It allows you to generate valuable reports at any time whilst continuing to use Excel as your basic reporting tool.

“Genesis helps you to grow your data maturity level.”