Genesis Planning and Follow Up (PFU) is a comprehensive software tool for planning and following-up the execution of drilling, completions and workover activities.  It produces an optimized forecast of the time and cost of future interventions.

How will your company benefit?

  •        Optimized forecast of future interventions
  •        Plan realistic operations based on historical data
  •        Easy generation of AFE – Authorization for Expenditure
  •        Reduce intervention time through performance improvement
  •        Monitor performance against historical data
  •        Streamline the implementation of the PDCA process improvement cycle
  •        Speed up the planning process using templates
  •        Enable junior designer to leverage on the knowledge base



Genesis PFU allows you to plan an intervention by designing a new activity sequence based on historical data. The intervention plan is followed up with actual times from executed operations. All details of an intervention are stored in the knowledge base and can be subjected to future analysis.

The Operations vs Time plot allows you to analyse the statistical uncertainty and check the progress against actual time, allowing you to monitor whether operations are under expected, normal or over the operational time boundaries, as they occur.