Genesis Integrated Visual Analytics Centre (iVAC) is an intuitive and easy to use suite of software tools for the management of engineering related information for the oil and gas industry. It also interacts with other Genesis products resulting in broader and richer information to support engineering decision-making processes. Only by accurately measuring performance can operations be improved.


Knowledge Management for Business Intelligence

Genesis iVAC combines powerful database information retrieval with flexible plotting and report generating mechanisms. The data and knowledge management suite is designed to undertake data quality control checks, data manipulation and the combination of different databases. Once the data is prepared, a series of analyses can be performed, providing you with critical business intelligence. Genesis iVAC is an integrated tool that will unleash the power within your data.

Works on Any Database

Genesis iVAC is designed for use on any database. It is set up for most common reporting systems and can be customized for many others.

What are the main benefits?

  •        Empowers you to maximize the return on existing data and support better management
  •        Implement web-enabled dashboard so other users are able to monitor data remotely